2013 Division III Ice Hockey Championship
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2013 Division III Ice Hockey Championship

Newington-Berlin-Manchester 1, Rockville-Coventry-Bolton-Lyman Memorial 0
By Matt Conyers, Special to CIACSports.com
Photos by Kevin Pataky, MaxPreps.com

NEW HAVEN - The co-op of Bolton, Coventry and Rockville entered Saturday's Division III final with plenty of hype surrounding its defense after nine shutouts this season.

But once again, it was Newington/Berlin's defense that stole the show at Ingalls Rink in the Division III Final.

Led by another memorable performance from goalie Drew O'Leary in net and a second period goal from Marco DiPaola, the co-op of Newington/Berlin defeated Bolton/Coventry/Rockville 1-0 in the Division III championship for back-to-back titles.

"Our motto all year has been to play real strong defense and it has gotten us this far," Newington/Berlin coach Dave Harackiewicz said. "I said to the boys before the game if we get that first goal we are going to hold it up."

He was right.

It was the second straight season Newington/Berlin (17-4-2) has put together an impressive defensive display in the biggest game of the season.

Last March, Newington/Berlin stopped an equally dynamic offense in Northwest Catholic to claim its first state title.

But on Saturday, the co-op, which added Manchester during the off-season, was even better.

O'Leary made 16 saves and his defense did a great job of shutting down the Bolton/Coventry/Rockville offense, which was averaging 4.8 goals a game.

"It was just a great team effort," O'Leary said. "We shown a lot of heart. I couldn't be happier to call these guys my brothers and say I went to battle with them today."

After surviving a flurry of activity from Bolton/Coventry/Rockville (20-2-2) in the first six minutes, Newington/Berlin turned the tide.

They played tighter on defense and made sure to limit quality chances on net. And then took the lead with 2:34 left in the second period when DiPaola scored off a low shot to the near post on a 4-on-4 opportunity.

"I shot right where I wanted to shoot and it was a hard shot," DiPaola said.

Bolton/Coventry/Rockville wouldn't get any closer.

Newington/Berlin stopped BCR on three power plays and held it to just two shots in the second period.

And the Indians only got better as the game went on.

"I thought [Newington/Berlin] played a great game bottling us up and taking time and space away," BCR coach Chris Stevenson said.

Still, BCR had its chances, including a power play opportunity with 5:36 left in the third period.

But O'Leary and his defense was ready. They managed to get in the way of nearly every great chance and limit any shots from below the slot.

BCR would eventually pull Cam Earle with nearly a minute left but it wouldn't be enough.

It was the second shutout for Newington/Berlin against BCR this season.

Three Manchester kids were part of the title for Newington/Berlin after playing with Rockville last season.

Rockville joined with Bolton/Coventry/Lyman Memorial this offseason to save its program and then helped the Manchester kids find a team.

Rockville-Bolton-Cov (19-2-2) vs. Newington/Berlin/Man (17-4-2)
Date: Mar 16, 2013 Location: New Haven, CT Arena: Ingalls Rink
Attendance: Start time:1:30 pm End time:3:02 pm Total time:1:32

Goals by Period  1st  2nd  3rd  Total 

Scoring Summary
Prd  Time  Team  Type  Scored by  Assists  Visitor on ice  Home on ice 
1.  2nd  12:26  NBM   EVEN  DiPaola, Marco  Richard, Brendon  3,4,5,14  16,8,7,15 

Team Summaries

   Shots by Prd    
Rockville-Bolton-Cov   G   A   1   2   3  Tot  +/-  Pen 
   2   Morton, Kevin   0-0 
   3   Alexanderowicz, Seth  -1  0-0 
4   Byram, Hunter   -1  0-0 
   5   Zawislinsky, Matt   -1  0-0 
   6   Becker, Ryan   0-0 
   7   Bishop, Kevin   0-0 
   8   Armstrong, Cameron   0-0 
   10  Hansen, Daniel   0-0 
   12  Leardi, Andrew   0-0 
   13  Madison, Mason   0-0 
14  Piretti, J.R.   -1  0-0 
   15  Hood, Tyler   0-0 
16  Tonzi, Nate   2-4 
   17  Leardi, Mike   3-6 
18  McGrath, Liam   0-0 
   19  Bearse, Zach   0-0 
21  Bates, Paul   0-0 
   22  Bates, Eddie   0-0 
   23  Gale, Bradley   0-0 
   25  Carnelli, Daelon   0-0 
   35  Shannon, Brendan   0-0 
     Totals.........  16  -4  5-10 

   Saves by Prd 
Rockville-Bolton-Cov  Dec  Minutes   GA   EN  1st  2nd  3rd  Total 
1   Earle, Cameron   44:43  22 
TM  TEAM     0:17 

   Shots by Prd    
Newington/Berlin/Man   G   A   1   2   3  Tot  +/-  Pen 
   2   Gugliotti, Dante   0-0 
   3   Bollacker, Matthew   0-0 
   4   Davies, Michael   0-0 
   6   Waznia, Nick   0-0 
7   McLeod, Scott   +1  0-0 
8   Richard, Brendon   +1  0-0 
9   Pratte, Justin   0-0 
   11  Blais, Hunter   0-0 
   12  Aldieri, Tyler   0-0 
   13  Mix, Patrick   0-0 
   14  Mangiafico, Tyler   1-2 
   15  DiPaola, Luca   +1  0-0 
   16  DiPaola, Marco   +1  0-0 
   17  Landau, Kevin   0-0 
   18  Salvio, Christopher   0-0 
21  Roberts, Daniel   1-2 
   22  McLeod, Daniel   1-2 
   24  Macsuga, Joshua   0-0 
25  Harackiewicz, Matt   0-0 
   37  Pitkin, Mitchell   0-0 
     Totals.........  23  +4  3-6 

   Saves by Prd 
Newington/Berlin/Man  Dec  Minutes   GA   EN  1st  2nd  3rd  Total 
29  O'Leary, Drew   44:54  16 
TM  TEAM     0:06 

Shots by Period  1st  2nd  3rd  Total 
Rockville-Bolton-Cov  16 
Newington/Berlin/Man  23 

Power Play G-Att (Shots) 
Prd  RBCL   NBM  
1st  0-0 (0)  0-0 (0) 
2nd  0-1 (0)  0-3 (4) 
3rd  0-2 (3)  0-2 (1) 
Total  0-3 (3)  0-5 (5) 

Penalties/Minutes by Prd 
Prd  RBCL   NBM  
1st  1/2  0/0 
2nd  2/4  1/2 
3rd  2/4  2/4 
Total  5/10  3/6 

Three stars:
1. O'Leary, Drew
2. Earle, Cameron
3. DiPaola, Marco

Referee:Brent Colby
Referee:Terrel Rose
Linesman:Rob Cirelli
Pen timekeeper:Bill Hofmeister
Game timekeeper:Mark Ryba
Scorer:Bill Garfield
CIAC Division III Finals Rockville timeout with 5:24 left in third period.

Win-O'Leary, Drew. Loss-Earle, Cameron.

Penalty shots - None.

Penalty Summary
Prd  Player  Team  Min  Offense  Time    
1st  Tonzi, Nate   RBCL   ROUGHING  15:00  PP 
2nd  Leardi, Mike   RBCL   INTERFERENCE  03:20  PP 
2nd  Tonzi, Nate   RBCL   CHARGING  11:15  PP 
2nd  Roberts, Daniel   NBM   SLASHING  12:06  PP 
3rd  Mangiafico, Tyler   NBM   HOOKING  04:45  PP 
3rd  Leardi, Mike   RBCL   HOOKING  07:21  PP 
3rd  McLeod, Daniel   NBM   CROSS-CHECKING  09:36  PP 
3rd  Leardi, Mike   RBCL   BOARDING  14:34  PP 

Rockville-Bolton-Cov - Faceoffs 
##  Player   W   L 
22  Bates, Eddie  
14  Piretti, J.R.  
2   Morton, Kevin  
17  Leardi, Mike  
16  Tonzi, Nate  
  Totals.........  18  23 

Newington/Berlin/Man - Faceoffs 
##  Player   W   L 
16  DiPaola, Marco  
12  Aldieri, Tyler  
25  Harackiewicz, Matt  
2   Gugliotti, Dante  
  Totals.........  23  18 

Rockville-Bolton-Cov - Power Play Summary 
Prd  Start  End  Elapse  Shots  (Opp)    
2nd  13:15  14:06  00:51     
3rd  04:45  06:45  02:00     
3rd  09:36  11:36  02:00     
SUMMARY: 3 opps, 3 shots, 0 goals, time 04:51

Newington/Berlin/Man - Power Play Summary 
Prd  Start  End  Elapse  Shots  (Opp)    
1st  15:00  02:00  02:00     
2nd  03:20  05:20  02:00     
2nd  11:15  12:06  00:51     
3rd  07:21  09:21  02:00     
3rd  14:34  15:00  00:26     
SUMMARY: 5 opps, 5 shots, 0 goals, time 07:17